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5 main things to look for when choosing a Social Media Manager

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5 main things to look for when choosing a Social Media Manager


Social Media, or Digital Marketing, is now a major contributor to the branding and sales activity of any company today.

Large companies have whole departments responsible for their social media. Smaller companies either try to manage it themselves, or they choose to use a Social Media Management Company who can effectively and economically do it for them.


If Social Media is not what you normally do in your every-day work tasks, then ask yourself why you are taking time out of your normal day to perform a task that a Social Media Manager can do more effectively. If your car breaks down, you may choose to fix it. But, if your race car breaks down, use an expert mechanic to make it run well and go faster.

If you want your company to have a strong social presence, you will need to consider the following when hiring a Social Media Manager.

1. Communication & Social Skills

Great communicators

A Social Media manager needs to be a natural communicator. They should enjoy communicating and socialising.

Many companies select the person who “has some spare time” or “is on Facebook a lot anyway” to manage the Social Media for them. Occasionally, this can prove to be an inspired move. Usually, it leads to less productivity from that person and results in occasional-to-rare status updates of no real value.

Choose someone who actually enjoys using their online social skills to communicate on your behalf.

2. A Creative Mind

the-wheelWe’ve moved on from one of our first great inventions. Look for good lateral thinkers. Someone who takes the time to view your business / product / service from every angle.

Hire a Social media Manager who demonstrates that they understand business and are prepared to “think outside the box”. A good Social Media Manager will offer creative ideas to market your business.

3. Article Writing

Splatter Digital article writingWhen you hire a Social Media Manager, they assume the responsibility of the quality of your publicity. This means that they will need to approve each form of digital marketing, including basics such as spelling and grammar. In addition, they will have the necessary skills and expertise to ensure that your online publicity is suitably legal, socially compatible and sensitive.

When writing articles for Social media, there are many additional factors to take into account. For instance, if the article is intended as a vehicle for Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) combined with publicity on the social network, you are better off leaving it to the experts. The articles need to contain a certain percentage of the keywords while managing to convey a message in an engaging manner using as few words as possible.

4. Marketing Knowledge

Creative thinkingSocial media marketing certainly differs from more traditional methods. However, the basics of marketing should never be ignored.

Select a Social media Manager who demonstrates that they have a thorough knowledge of the basic traditional marketing techniques.

5. Ability to Analyse Data

Google analyticsData and Statistics are the bedrock of good Social Media marketing. Without the ability to analyse a whole variety of data, and then use it in a positive manner, you will be wasting your time and money when marketing socially.

A good Social media Manager will be able to quickly understand trends and then create a marketing plan around that trend.

Beyond the ability to analyse data, the marketing manager should be able to produce concise reports for you.

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