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Why have articles written?

Articles are highly valued for SEO.


We carefully write the articles so that you gain maximum benefit from your search results, while ensuring that we always abide by good SEO ethics.


The articles are also useful because they reinforce your business credibility. If you are seen as regularly publishing an opinion on your business category, or are imparting useful information, then your clients will continue to return to your web site (or social marketing). They are also more likely to recommend your company.

Skilled article writing

We have a team of article authors who regularly produce well-written content for web site, or marketing articles.


Typically, we will write a carefully crafted 300-word article to be placed within your website. This is usually in a News section, or the Blog. If we are managing your social media, such as Facebook, Twitter or Google +, then we will refer to the article from your social media accounts.


Our articles usually have one link to a page within your web site. They could be used as a landing page for an online marketing campaign.

It's your choice

A. Have articles written for you, occasionally.


B. Have articles written as part of a standard media package.

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