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“Twitter is just for Celebrities”….. “I don’t have the time to tweet AND run my business” ….. “That’s for kids, isn’t it?”

There are nearly 600 Million Twitter users. Talk their language and your business will grow.

If a potential customer likes to use Twitter to communicate, then that’s the best way to engage them and create a new business client.

Twitter is much like Facebook. It’s essentially a social platform where friends, and people with a common interest, share short messages.

Customers love it.

Because Twitter is so simple, clients often use it to interact with businesses. The Tweets are limited to 140 characters and are perfect for a quick enquiry, without the need to send an email or find your telephone number.

Our team will create your Twitter account and will then optimise your profile so that you get the maximum benefit for your business.

We will then write your Tweets for you. We will also follow other Twitter users on your behalf and will begin the process of engagement and brand building.

Once you have a following, we can then work with you to promote specific services and products as part of a measurable campaign.

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