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You have 10 seconds

You have 10 seconds to get your site visitor’s attention.

You choose - standard design or bespoke

To keep the cost down, we have some standard web site layouts

The User Experience is vital to retain clients

The design

The layout and complete User Experience is crucial for the long term success of your website.


If the site visitor can’t quickly find what they came to see, then they will leave your site and go to a competitor. It’s as simple as that!


Our web site design team are very experienced and will design your site so that it conveys your brand clearly, while making it very easy for your customers to navigate around.

Website layout is crucial for retaining site visitors

Consult first

When we design a web site, we will consult with you first. Your needs, such as an easy ordering system or e-commerce payments, will be accommodated within the design while creating a modern site that will keep your clients coming back.


Having consulted with you, we will research your business marketplace and will recommend content for your site. We usually do this by producing a short proposal with page headings for your web site.


Images are just as important. The old phrase “a picture paints a thousand words” still rings true. We will suggest images to match your needs.

Tested designs

We offer a range of standard designs. These are proven layouts and use tools that we know work. They can varied enormously, so that your brand is clear and the site will look unique. This keeps the cost down and produces an effective website at a sensible price.


However, if you require a completely unique design, we are very happy to accommodate this.


In both cases our main concern is the general “feel” of the site in terms of design and layout. We will ensure that you gain the maximum benefit from all site visitors.

Design considerations

We consider the following:


  • Can they instantly tell what you’re offering?
  • Does the visitor know what to expect when they click a button?
  • Can they decide whether to click a link simply by hovering over it?
  • Is it easy for them to Buy, Order, or Contact you?
  • Would they recommend a friend to visit your site?


One other aspect of the design is hidden from the customers. Depending on the package that you choose, we will optimise the content of your website so that the search engines rank the site well.

  • Basic
    • Up to 10 pages
    • Wordpress
    • Logo design
    • Banner design
    • Quick enquiry form
    • Social media integration
    • SEO ready
  • Expert
    • Up to 25 pages
    • Wordpress
    • Logo design
    • Banner design
    • Quick enquiry form
    • Social media integration
    • SEO ready
    • HTML/CSS editing
    • Mobile responsive layout
    • Newsletter
    • Analytics set up
    • Search engine submission
  • E-Commerce
    • Up to 15 main categories
    • Wordpress Woo-Commerce
    • Paypal payment gateway integration
    • Mobile responsive design
    • Social media integration
    • Custom development
    • SEO friendly
    • Search engine submission
    • Analytics submission
    • Free 3-month maintenance
    Optional extras:
    • Credit / Debit card payments
    • Foreign exchange payments / transfer system
    • Synchronisation to Ebay and Amazon
    • I-frame integration on Facebook
    • On-going search engine optimisation
    • Consistent Social Network marketing
    • HTTPS Secure Site registration
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