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Search engine optimisation (SEO)

What is "SEO"?

This area of marketing is aimed at getting your website ranked as high as possible within the search engine text results, resulting in more clicks through to your website when people have searched appropriate search phrases.


SEO is always in a “fluid state” as the search engines are continually altering and refining their search algorithms.


The art of SEO is commonly known as a black art and high ranking of your website no longer depends on well written content.


There are many factors that make up a site that will rank well.


SEO used to be very simple. Today, it is part-science and part-art. There are many companies who will claim to place your business at “number 1 on Google” for a small fee.


We don’t make that claim. No-one can guarantee the ultimate position in the search engines. However, we have many years of experience in maintaining top-10 ranking within the search engines.


We manage to be so consistent because we remain at the forefront of ethical SEO use. In other words, we combine a well written web site, with other factors such as high-quality inbound links and regularly updated content.

Where do we start?

If you have asked us to build you a new web site, that’s even better, as we can build the site for best ethical search ranking factors.


Our team will analyse your existing site before making recommendations for better SEO ranking.


We will suggest various “key phrases” that would best suit your business and we will then “optimise” so that you achieve best results for those phrases.


We have a variety of pricing choices, so please talk to us.


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